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“I really enjoyed the course and the business role play exercise was really exciting and a very good learning tool.”

Paul Grima – SL

TRANSFORM is at the very heart of The Entrepreneurs Group Ltd and is the creation of Keith McMean with a great deal of help and advice from Stuart MacLennan.

TRANSFORM is a radical new way of preparing for, running and growing a business for budding entrepreneurs, startups and SME’s. We don’t expect you to work 80 hour weeks and burn yourself into the ground trying to build a business in 30 days, in fact we actively discourage it.

We give you a way of ‘trying’ a business before you invest time or money, we help you find out if you have what it takes to run a business successfully. Then we help you to put your plan in place and we support you while you’re getting to grips with being a business owner.

The whole point of running a successful business is to create a business that you would like to work in and build a company that cares.


How do we do it?

We use a mixture of classroom style training mixed with our ‘real world’ business simulator TRANSFORM Rocket.

What is TRANSFORM Rocket?

The accelerated business simulation game that equips, enables and empowers business teams with the skills, knowledge and commercial awareness of what it takes to grow and scale a successful business. In one day.

“We believe it’s the quality of the people in your organisation that is going to determine the success of your organisation.”


Why do we do it?

We bring a new way for you to look at your business. We want to disrupt what’s gone before and head in a totally new direction. Yes, we mix the traditional with the new but this really does help you start, run and grow your business like never before.

This is real world experiences for real world scenarios. Running a business is not easy, in fact, it’s really hard, and getting the right start is critical to your success, we help you with that ‘start’ and much more.

Companies that are becoming more human-centric, more employee-centric are making a bet that, “If we treat employees really, really well, that’s how we’ll stand out, and that’s how we’ll deliver a better service to our customer.”

That’s not just being good for the sake of being nice. It’s actually really good business.

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