So, your trying to attract the right client to your business and you think that because you have a website and maybe a blog that people are just going to flock to your website or Facebook page? Wrong, on so many levels. You need a strong personal brand.

You have no doubt read the books that say you should build a sales funnel and sit back and wait for people to show up and buy your stuff, wrong, well not entirely, let me explain.

If I mention a name, say Richard Branson, you know who he is and that he owns Virgin Everything, right, right.

But if I mention Dell, the guys who make computers, it’s really hard to think of anyone’s face you might know or recognise if you saw it.

You see Branson has spent his life building his personal brand, where DELL have spent years building a company.

The days have long since gone when a company can survive being just a faceless corporation trading on logos and colours.

Its true that today companies live and in some cases die by the personalities they employ and who represent them. Today people WANT to know who the owner is and what he or she stands for.

The really successful companies build and promote the personal brands of the people within. I am sure you can think of a few personalities from the companies you know, like and trust.

You can pretty much guess that once RB puts his name to something its really going to take off. Elon Musk is exactly the same, you might not know everything he’s involved in but you have heard of him.

So how do us mere mortals get to the stage where people know who we are even when we are not in the room. Personal branding that’s how.

First off you don’t have to aim that high, all you have to do is build a community that likes you and what you stand for and what you stand against of course. This can be though videos, podcasts, Facebook pages and groups, blogs…in fact a whole host of things.

Personal brands are truly the most powerful brands, why, because people do business with people. Its so much easier to trust a person rather than a company or organisation. It’s how we are ‘wired’, to connect with people.

I have found that when you build a trusted personal brand people will naturally recommend you.

This also makes sure than when people talk about ‘you’ when you are not present they know who you are and what you stand for.

This is seriously powerful stuff and of course what they know and perceive about you is really up to you to determine and influence.

So, do you want to remain ‘faceless’ or do you want to build a strong personal brand where people know, like and trust you?

It really is down to you to decide but let me leave you with this thought:
Do you have enough, or more than enough, clients right now? If you do great you have a strong personal brand, whether you know it or not.

If you could do with more clients then you need to work on your personal brand because it’s not strong enough.

Have a fab day!