If you’ve ever tried to start a Facebook business page you know just how hard it can be. I have tried a few times for my consultancy business and failed miserably.

So, what’s the secret to a fantastic Facebook page? Well apart from patience and perseverance I believe you have to have a mixture of the following things:

To be honest there’s a lot of things you can do but it would take too long to go through it all here. But I think for me the two main ones are:

  • Fantastic unique content, everyday
  • Use your personality to pull your audience to you, it’s important to attract the right audience who will love you for who you are and what you bring, but it’s just as important to get shot of the ones who don’t, why waste time

These two will see you through every situation.

Now at this point you might be thinking “Why isn’t Keith doing what he’s preaching?” that’s a good question.

The reason I don’t have a business page any longer is I use my personal profile, wow, shock horror, how many times have you been told that you shouldn’t use your personal profile for business, lots I bet.

Well I do and the reason, people who follow me don’t mind and if they do I don’t mind if they unfollow me, I truly don’t.

Now I don’t post all business stuff, I reckon it’s around a 4 to 1 ratio on personal and business stuff but to have a page that is nearly identical to my personal page and have to pay to have people find it is just plain daft. Plus, a lot of my friends have businesses to so they get to learn cool stuff from me. They also post business stuff from time to time so we are all winners.

Two of my favourite business pages ae Oreo – https://www.facebook.com/oreo/ and Threadless – https://www.facebook.com/threadless/ they are 2 fantastic brands to follow and mimic on Facebook.

Threadless is probably my favourite because they bring quirky, fun and a modern twist to their Facebook page. Their page is filled with cool images, classic memes and hipster-esque apparel, they know their audience and play to them perfectly. They don’t care about anyone else, and so they shouldn’t as they have over 900,000 followers

Threadless also does a seamless job of creating a smooth and enjoyable user experience that doesn’t require the user to leave Facebook! This is a great ‘win’ for any business page.

Then again Oreo’s creativity and innovative approach when reaching their fans takes social media marketing to new heights.

Fans are always intrigued with the new campaigns, contests and videos that Oreo and their team put out. They really are customer centric and so should you be if you want to create a great Facebook page that really resonates with your audience.

You could do worse than to follow these 2 giants of Facebook.

So, I hope I have given you enough ‘food for thought’ on how to create and grow a fantastic Facebook page because if you get it right it can bring in so much business and make you really stand out from the crowd.

If you haven’t already why not join us over on my Next Level Thinking Facebook group, you’ll love it I promise.