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TRANSFORM finds and creates a new generation of Intrapreneurs

Did you know that 90% of corporate innovation initiatives fail because organisations do not know how to adopt and implement the spirit of entrepreneurship?

The Entrepreneurs Group (TEG) developed TRANSFORM to:

“Change the way corporate innovation culture is implemented and to help companies achieve a more entrepreneurial approach to innovation and leadership.”

With the fast pace of change in today’s hi-speed business world and the increasing need to innovate to stay relevant plus ensuring that you invest in building the capability of your people to grow and feel empowered in this challenging environment, can be the difference between success and failure.

TRANSFORM finds and creates a new generation of Intrapreneurs

Over the last few years we have worked with organisations of all sizes and sectors helping them to spot and unlock the potential of their workforce.

We set out to unlock entrepreneurial mindsets and behaviours of employees across organisations. TRANSFORM was shaped from the apparent need for a programme that disrupted the training world and how it operated in a modern environment.

We took this ‘need’, and other important ingredients, and created TRANSFORM.

Unlike other training courses, accelerators and incubators, we focus specifically on helping organisations find those people who can propel the organisation forward. These corporate entrepreneurs, or intrepreneurs, are offered unprecedented access to entrepreneurial management techniques through our immersive programme, TRANSFORM.

TRANSFORM is a fast-paced support and development programme helping organisations create an entrepreneurial management system that gives staff a ‘real’ taste of what it is to be part of a modern company.

TRANSFORM is not designed for people to sit behind a desk and listen to someone tell them what it’s like to change an organisations culture or how they need to become more innovative. Our award winning TRANSFORM Rocket business simulation programme throws them in at the deep end and will test them and make them think about what its really like to run, manage or be part of a business who are fit for the 21st Century.


Companies that are becoming more human-centric, more employee-centric are making the bet that…

“If we treat employees really well, that’s how we’ll stand out, and that’s how we’ll deliver a better service to our customer.”



Award winning business simulator designed to challenge and inspire


A team of specialists to guide and ensure you’re people are getting the right training


Full wraparound support to help your people lead, innovate and feel confident


Adopt and implement the spirit of entrepreneurship and leadership in your people


Here's what some of the people who have attended TRANSFORM said about it...

Overall great course, I’m grateful that I was afforded the courtesy to attend this course. It should be rolled out to all employees across the SL site, which will promote well needed change and intrepreneur-ship within the organisation.

Idris Hussain - Sellafield Ltd

Excellent couple of days, great team building chance for a new project team, with some valuable info. for them (and myself) to the away, TRANSFORM Rocket game was a great insight into business

Steven Gregg – Sellafield Ltd

Would prefer a longer course next time.

Alex Dawson – Wood Group

I really enjoyed the course and the business role play exercise was really exciting and a very good learning tool.

Paul Grima – Sellafield Ltd

I think we gained a lot from developing a shared vision of what can be achieved with a fresh mindset, we now need to set time aside to make it happen

Richard Longman - Sellafield Ltd

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