When we start a new business or new venture its usually to make money, or at least it’s one of the top considerations. But what if it was to make a difference, a difference to people lives or the way they do things.

Now I’m not saying that we should only start a business to make a difference, although it’s a hell of a reason, we do of course need to make a profit to keep the business ticking over.

I really do believe that we all have a higher purpose and that we were put on this good earth to make a difference.

To illustrate this, I will give you the example of The Entrepreneurs Group and Cumbrian Entrepreneurs, businesses I started a while ago but never did anything thing with. Today it seems they resonate with so many people, businesses and organisations that enquiries are coming in from all directions, which is great of course, but I really started them to make a difference on how people, entrepreneurs, start and operate their businesses and for organisations to use entrepreneurial management techniques to be able to compete in the 21st Century.

Now all this sounds very grand and it will take a long time to realise these dreams but I don’t mind because I’m in it for the long haul, I want to make a difference. I know that as soon as it really starts to gain traction that the profit will follow, as long as I have my sums right of course ?.

Now one of the things I love doing is looking forward maybe 3 to 5 years and imagining what the business will be like, a great exercise if you have never done it, how it will operate and how many people and businesses we will be serving. This forms part of my goals for the business and the cashflow forecast too plus it’s a great way to keep on track.

So, I’m looking forward and seeing everything I dreamed of, and more, and then I look to see the difference it has made to peoples lives. The reason for this is that when you start a business or company you effect people’s lives in lots of different ways, plus as soon as you take on staff you are responsible for them and their family. You pay them so they rely on you to make it work. This is another whole gaggle of geese we can get into later but the bottom line is you have a responsibility.

Am I satisfied? Am I hell.

I want to do more I want to help even more people realise their dreams so I am already planning my next venture. As an entrepreneur I will never be satisfied that I have done enough, I want to be a part of the solution to peoples or even the world’s problems.

A big vision, yes, but if you are in this to make a difference might as well make as big a difference as you can…right?

Have a fab day and make as big a difference as you possibly can.