Before we get into the real ‘meat’ of this post let me ask you a question, do you know the difference between being a tactical business owner/manager and being a strategic owner manager and how education marketing can benefit your business?

The reason I ask is, if you don’t then this post is for you, and subsequent posts in this series.

It’s a known fact that around 90% of all owners and managers are tactical, 9% are strategic and the lucky 1% are a mix of both, these people are as rare as hen’s teeth and the ones we all hear about as being the business leaders we need to emulate and follow.

Let’s follow our own path.

Tactical owner/managers usually think “how do I get that sale today, I’ll worry about tomorrow, tomorrow” this is because they don’t really understand the strategy behind long-term sales or marketing. There is nothing wrong with this approach if you want to live for today and end up giving yourself a heart attack. When you tell them that its twice as difficult to get an appointment with a prospect than it was 5 years ago they normally try twice as hard to themselves and their team an appointment.

A strategic owner/manager will look at the problem from a holistic viewpoint and come up with fantastic strategies that will help ease the situation, their problem is they have no interest in tactics, so they never develop the idea, they go around in circles.

The 1% that can see both sides are the ones who make great things happen. This comes through determination and discipline to get both the tactics and strategies working in harmony so every criteria at every level is met.

Now I have seen a tactical person paired with a strategic person and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, usually they drive each other mad because one is wanting to get on and make the sale and the other is waiting for the perfect moment, it never happens unless the strategist can explain their ideas in a way that a strong tactician can really understand.

Here’s a story that illustrates this perfectly but this applies to any business in any sector:

Two sofa shops open in the same town 3 days apart and let’s assume that one is tactical and the other is strategic.

So, you go into the Tactical Sofa Shop buy a new sofa, the tactical salesperson hits you with “we have the best sofas in town, we won’t be beaten on price, doesn’t matter where you go, that’s our promise”. Usually over a 2year period, if it stays open that long, you could expect a 5% growth rate with this approach.

The second store, The Strategic Sofa Shop, the salesperson has been trained to ‘sell the shop’ and not the ‘products’, so she hits you with “you want to buy a sofa?” now on the way to the sofa section she is telling you everything about the history of the shop, the owner and how his passion for furniture and fabulous customer service lead him to open the shop and how not only are the prices competitive but every salesperson are trained on the construction and sustainability of sofas and how that can really benefit the customer.

On this journey you are not getting the feeling that you are being sold to, you get the feeling that this shop cares about you and your purchase so when you need some other piece of furniture to go with your sofa where do you go…yep, The Strategic Sofa Shop, it’s an easy sale.

The reason being, not only have they educated the customer on the shop and its history etc they have also built a rapport with them and rapport and trust sells better than anything, you just have to make sure you deliver on those promises and that you listen to the customer, there is nothing worse than hearing a salesperson talking over a customer.

This is the fastest way to boost sales that I know.

It’s been proven that people will pay more if they perceive there is greater value or a deeper reason for buying over one supplier than the other.

Let’s stop there, in the next post we will talk about how educating your clients and prospects can propel you far above your competitors, but today I want you to look at your sale process and find out if you are selling tactically or strategically.

Have a fab day.