So here we are at part 2 of Tactics vs Strategy and how we can help make education marketing the difference to us and our clients.

In part 1 we talked about the Tactical Sofa Shop and the Strategy Sofa Shop and what the difference was. If you haven’t read it go back as this post will make more sense if you do.

In this post we will wrap this section up with how you can use your USP or unique story.

I call it your unique story because this story will be at the centre of everything you do regarding your marketing and PR, this will help it work harder.

This is at the very heart of education marketing

When we educate a client or prospect it gives them a totally different perspective of who we are and how we can help them.

To give you an example:

I helped a client last year sell services to other businesses and this service basically is to increase brand awareness, loyalty and increase client retention, amongst other things.

We found that not only their salespeople but every other salesperson in this sector were selling on incentives only. A tactical sale.

What we decided to do was use a strategic sale and help educate the client or prospect so they had the full picture of what my client was offering, this was 3 ways to increase performance, sales and profits. When my client presented it was such a revelation because their client could see the full picture of how they could help through fantastic well researched market data.

There are lots of places to gather any data you require on the web today.

Let’s take a look at selling shoes, yes for some the most mundane of items but presented correctly they can sell themselves.

Now did you know that there are 214,000 nerve endings in your foot? Me neither! These nerve endings connect to every organ in the body. Did you also know that your feet sweat a cup of water every day, some notice it more than others, and depending on the quality of the shoe determines if this moisture is let out or not, if not you can transport it around your house as bacteria, fascinating data and all readily available.

So, if you were a shoe store and you had all this information to hand how much more qualified would you be to sell shoes than your competitor? You’d be an expert in shoes.

So you would have strategic objectives along the lines of:

  • Selling more shoes
  • Sell better quality shoes
  • Build your brand loyalty
  • Establish yourself as an expert
  • Build a relationship with the buyer that means they don’t go anywhere else

Follow my drift here.

Now I found this information with very little effort so imagine what you could find about your industry sector that would make you an expert to your clients and prospects.

All this marketing data, not product data, can be added to your unique story to separate you from your competitors, just like my client, and this should flow through all your marketing material, both on and offline.

Be a market expert and not just a product expert.

The company who truly wants their clients to learn with them will always beat the ones who just want to sell products. Think Apple and Samsung, the amount of market data these giants churn out is incredible. You have to do the same to differentiate from your competitors.

So, to use our shoe example, the key to choosing which data to use is easy, most people think a shoe is just a shoe (product data) but when you educate them that a shoe connects them to every organ in the body, that’s market data and that elevates you to a whole new level.

Let me ask you a question, as we approach the Christmas period do you notice that calendars are placed right by the checkouts, why because at this time of year most people either want a new calendar for the coming year or they give them as presents. The rest of the year they are tucked away. This is not a coincidence, market data proves that people buy calendars at Christmas.

As an exercise and just to prove me right or wrong, do some market research on your sector over a period of time. Keep track of everything you find that will be of value to your customers and add it to an excel sheet. Do this every week until you have so much data your competitors can’t compete with you.

As a final point the most strategic thing you can do, for yourself and your business, is gather all the market data you can that makes your product or service more important to your customer, add it to your unique story and go back to your customer base and try it out. I can guarantee that it will open more doors than your ever thought possible.

Remember think and plan like a master strategist but implement and follow up like a great tactician and you will be ahead of the game.

Have a fab day.