Jayne and I learned a really good lesson yesterday.

When we were planning this holiday, we both really wanted to reach the summit of The Cobbler, a mountain in Scotland, but not to the detriment of our health or life.

When we set off it was a glorious day the sun was shining and the weather warm. As we progressed up the mountain it soon became clear that this wasn’t going to be as easy as we’d first thought and that we would have to take it steady, but we weren’t in any rush and we had plenty of time.

So about three quarters of the way up the weather changed and it became quite gloomy and threatening and eventually started to rain. Out came the waterproofs, we got to the foot of The Cobbler and noticed that some of the more experienced guys were turning around, some weren’t but they were foolhardy or so a few of the not so printable comments said.

After a bit of a natter and a check of the weather, yep still raining and still blowing a hoolie, we decided to turn around too, “the hill would be there for another day” said one guy, quite right.

As we made our way back down we were not despondent because we hadn’t reached the summit, in fact we were quite pleased that we had made it as far as we did, and it would be the perfect excuse to come back and try again, plus, guess what, the bloody sun was shining as we got to the bottom. A great day all-round we thought.

Total time out, around 5-6 hours.

So, the moral of the story and why I’ve posted it here.

I hope you can see a very similar pattern of our walk to starting and running a business. Its exciting when you set off and your goals are in place, reaching the top, but something always comes and buggers it up, the weather, but you keep going as far as you can, but if you have to alter course you do for the sake of your health, in this case, and your business.

Remember the vision is always the same: We want to climb to the summit of the Cobbler

The strategy might and will change: We were beaten by the weather,this time, but we’ll be back to try again.

Have a great day and keep climbing.